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Porcelain tile is our passion!

Porcelain tile is our passion!

Uniform, compact porcelain tile is typically baked at temperatures ranging from 1150-1250 °C, and is set apart by unique characteristics that make it a current favorite of architects and designers. This material gives flooring and surfaces an extremely high-resistance to wear and tear, while ensuring surprising aesthetic results: wood, marble, natural stone and cement effects are only some of the possibilities.

From the kitchen and bathroom to the living room and even terrace, these tiles are ideal for every area of your home. Porcelain tile is made by synthesizing minerals, kaolin and clay, made more compact by pressure instead of the addition of glue or resin. Every tile has a bottom support that gives it its resistance, and a polished top for aesthetic value. The treatment creates a material that tends to be water resistant, versatile and resistant to dirt and ice.

There are two types of porcelain tile: natural or glazed. The first imitates natural marble, taking on beige shades; it can be tinted during production. The glazed tile penetrates the natural pores of the tile, making it not only resistant to dirt, but highly aesthetic and perfect for personalizing spaces with color and texture choices.

Strong points include:

  • Scratch-resistant: will not wear with rubbing or contact with even harder surfaces
  • Water-proof: the tile does not absorb humidity or water, with a coefficient of less than 0,5%
  • Fire and Ice resistant: porcelain tile is not effected by temperature changes, including ice or steaming pots placed on kitchen counter surfaces. Does not burn or produce harmful chemicals during a fire
  • Chromatically Stable: color does not change when exposed to the elements (even smog or sun)
  • Easy Cleaning: porcelain tiles do not stain because they do not absorb dirt or liquids. can be cleaned using natural products (never use acidic products)
  • Sustainable: the production process does not include any chemical treatments, toxic gas release or radiation. Certain companies manufacture the tile with a thin layer of titanium dioxide to make it antibacterial.
  • Versatile and easy installation: easily cut to size, easy to place holes and other incisions as if working with natural stone, making it fit for multiple, personalized uses.
  • A gamut of shapes, colors and finishes: from its thickness to aesthetics, porcelain tile is perfect for varying spaces and uses, and easy to coordinate with furnishing and accessories

Pubblicato il 05 September 2018