Ideas for renovation

Do it yourself creatively!

Do it yourself creatively!

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to turn a simple apartment into a home, making every space welcoming and unique. Do-it-yourself furnishing is simple and original: all you need is some imagination and the right mix of style when you recycle or reuse. Centerpieces and votive holders for the garden are easy to make from mason jars. If you have access to electricity, the same mason jars can become lanterns by drilling a hole the same size as the bulb socket in the lid. There are kits available in most hardware stores.

Instead of bedside tables, why not use three-legged tables in natural wood, or painted the same color as the walls. These tables are particularly versatile and modern. Wood is taking over walls, in fact, as frames connect with branches. To create a vintage vibe, choose and cut-out newspaper articles, hang clothespins on cord and have fun arranging them however you see fit! Why not paint an old, wooden ladder and use it to keep magazines or hang towels?

Bring a touch of outdoor style using thinly sliced branches as coasters for glasses or vases; hanging the same vases from the ceiling on natural twine brings an original touch to your interior.


Personalize your space with your own creativity!

Pubblicato il 05 September 2018