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How to move House

How to move House

We all have to deal with moving house sooner or later. Psychologists say that moving is one of the most significant events in our lives, representing true transformation not only of style, but habits as well. There are many stressful aspects about moving house, leaving the old one behind, along with its memories and comforts, to settle in to the new one. Getting into the right mindset can be difficult!

Whether you are changing cities, have bought a home after renting one, need more space, or are undergoing a renovation, moving house is a necessity.

No matter what the reason, you should start with the same step: organize everything a few months ahead of the move. Do you have the need and budget to hire a moving company? It is best to estimate availability, efficiency and cost before making a decision. After having chosen the right company, you must understand what furniture and accessories will be necessary and appropriate for your new space.

Moving house also means that you can rid yourself of objects you no longer need or use, leaving the past behind while making space for the future.

Arm yourself with boxes, tape, plastic for wrapping heavy packages, bubble wrap and permanent markers. After having gathered everything, start (as early as possible) to pack your things following this order: objects to give away or throw away, objects that you are unsure of (to be stored but not thrown away), and essential objects. Each box should be clearly labelled with the room it should be placed in: kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, etc.

Its a great idea to label the box with its contents. Starting weeks ahead of time allows you to catalogue and make additional space for further objects, as well as surely but steadily finish the job. Ask the moving company if they have a wardrobe container where you can hang and move your clothing…when you get to your new home, you won’t have to iron everything you own!

After finishing with your things, you should move on to your furniture. Just like before, it is important to decide which furnishing will fit in with your new home, and what you can leave behind. Turn your essentials over to the moving company. If at all possible, avoid moving on weekends and summer holidays, when prices are at their highest. Don’t forget to pack a personal bag for the first night or two in your new home, and include your documents, jewelry, toiletries and a few changes of clothing. Have a good move!

Pubblicato il 05 September 2018