Key in Hand Renovation

Our Key in Hand approach to renovations allows you to concentrate on what you want for the finished product; we take care of the rest.

We know every renovation is different. Our job is to satisfy your personal needs tastes.

This is how it works: we analyze all of your requests before coming back with a tailor-made solution.

You don’t have to worry about anything! We handle every aspect of the job.

  • architectural and design development
  • administrative paperwork and licensing
  • help when selecting and receiving materials
  • organization and management of the construction site with carefully selected, certified personnel.

The 8 simultaneous things only we can guarantee you

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Paperwork: Take it easy…we take care of it.

When you decide to renovate, especially when removing walls, the demolition has to be verified and reported to the appropriate authorities. To ease your worries, we assign you a technician who thoroughly examines the architectural and security aspects of the project, while helping accelerate and resolve administrative matters.
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Project Execution: every step is precisely defined and priced

A successful renovation is due toprecision, starting with the initial project design phase. Before opening a work site, our architects and designers pay exceptional attention to necessary system execution, possible demolitions, and construction. Everything within every phase of the renovation is carefully described and priced.
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Site Supervision: making sure the job is done right

Your renovation will be assigned to a Site Manager who handles the administrative paperwork and ensures that all work is executed according to the project plan and local regulations, making sure that the job is done right. In order to protect your interests throughout the renovation process, deadlines are met and quality control is guaranteed through constant dialogue between the Site Supervisor and Foreman.
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Interior design: we listen, design and create happy spaces!

It all starts with your ideas: we create the right balance through an inspired, prudent selection of furnishing. Color scheme, general theme, flooring and furniture placement all make a difference when defining your home’s aesthetic. To make this happen, Facile Ristrutturare leads you through every step, listening to you and providing suggestions that strike a balance between the practical, legislative and purely stylistic needs of your interior.
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A single reference point: no worries, we have it all under control

One of Facile Ristrutturare’s architects will be assigned to you for the entirety of the renovation process, from the initial site visit to the end when you receive your keys. Your architect will take measurements and photographs of your property, develop the project and calculate metric costs. They will aid you in purchasing, suggesting materials and finishes, and help navigate relationships with suppliers and workers to ensure that the job is done right within set time limits; they handle the difficult task of coordinating the renovation’s many moving parts.
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Worker Selection: certified companies and registered personnel

Facile Ristrutturare’s technical offices continuously and cautiously choose companies who employ certified workers in order to guarantee reliability and the highest level of quality. All of Facile Ristrutturare’s masons, plumbers, electricians, tilers, carpenters, window fitters, blacksmiths, carpenters and artisans continuously update their professional skills and receive support from our architects. Their constant training and interaction with our professionals ensures optimal results.
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Assigned Foremen: on the job until the job is done

Facile Ristrutturare guarantees you an on-site Foreman who will oversee your renovation for its entire duration. They remain in constant communication with the Architect, coordinate workers’ jobs and give precise instructions on practical and operational levels. The Foreman is directly assisted by the Architect to guarantee work quality and punctuality.
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Certified Work: our renovations are guaranteed

Facile Ristrutturare guarantees all aspects of the renovation, providing certifications that all systems installed conform to local regulations. Every member of our team is constantly researching changes and updates to regulations governing the services we offer you for your home or office.

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