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Facile Ristrutturare and Saint Gobain for the future of Construction

Facile Ristrutturare had the pleasure of taking part in the “MULTI COMFORT: costruiamo il futuro” convention, held by Saint-Gobain in Riccione this past February (22-23). In addition to Gerry Scotti, prime example of a European company leader, Architect Gian Carlo Magnoli Bocchi, founder of Magnoli & Partners, Enrico Montanari, of the eponymous construction company, and Architect Federico Piras of our own FR Academy, all took part in the event.

The exclusive round table presented varying themes concerning future innovation of architecture and construction. Technological methods used during construction (like Facile Ristrutturare’s Virtual Reality), the most recent materials introduced to the market, and new challenges facing builders during renovation were all part of the discussion focused on the best way to meet clients’ needs. The theme explored with the most depth was the concept of the home as a place to live, the current cultural revolution governed by terms like comfort, wellbeing, quality and aesthetics.

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