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Facile Ristrutturare has become a Magazine

Since March, Facile Ristrutturare has been available in all of our offices; the once publication has become a legit magazine! The previous format has undergone a total renovation, standing as yet another stepping stone for the company, combining function and interests, budding trends and in-depth information.

After an exhaustive panoramic study of our groups (Facile Ristrutturare, Facile Progettare e Facile Immobiliare), the Keys in Hand services and recent tax deductions, we created a series of new sections investigating do-it-yourself projects, the latest, coolest materials on the market, and problematic aspects of moving and maintaining a home (how do you deal with mold?). Facile Ristrutturare’s long-time spokeswoman Paola Marella brings you “At Home in Style”, discussing three things in this edition: the use of Pantone’s Ultra-Violet in your interior, walk-in closets, and reassessing flooring and ceilings. Practical suggestions are paired with inspirational, useful and intuitive Moodboards.

Another key addition to the magazine is the “Projects” section, where the reader is taken on a stylistic tour de force from Northern to Southern Italy, exploring 10 of Facile Ristrutturare’s exclusive, elegant renovations (six residential and four commercial).

Other than being a using tool in helping Facile Ristrutturare’s clients understand the company, services, steps to renovation, and locations, the Magazine gives construction a new voice and means to turn every finished product into a jumping off point for the next. New goals, constant renewal.

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