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Facile Ristrutturare is back on Air!

Facile Ristrutturare, featuring Paola Marella, is back on all Mediaset channels this January.

A simple concept with big impact; Paola Marella’s distinctive white highlights play perfectly into the
claim, “Renovating your home will turn your hair grey”.

Facile Ristrutturare offers simple solutions, including:

  • Keys in Hand
  • A single professional to handle all aspects of of the renovation, from the first site inspection to the
    delivery date
  • A precise price per square meter, starting from €249 plus taxes
  • Constant, professional management of all work phases
  • A trustworthy company with over 1000 certified professionals

In only a few short years, Facile Ristrutturare has become a touchpoint in the renovation field for both private residences and commercial properties. Today they have over 1000 professionals working for the company and 50 stores throughout Italy. For 2018, they have entrusted their communications to the Yes I Am agency, with a budget of over 4 million euros.

Check out the behind-the-scenes footage of their December 2017 clip, filmed in Milan!

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