Vintage Passion


Vintage Passion

When vintage tastes and modern style happily coexist, unique spaces come to life! Engineer Nicola Cutillo’s design for this 55 sq. m. apartment in Milan’s Pioltello neighborhood is certainly a great example.

The property’s areas, especially the kitchen and open space living room, were recreated. A modern floor plan meets vintage-style furnishing and accessories, some recovered from the past, including the 1960’s lamps found in an ex-manufacturing plant, the 1950’s table and 1960’s formica chairs.

Particular attention was directed towards the conservation of the original parquet, often found in Milan’s older apartments. The flooring was completed with cement-look tiling throughout the space wherever parquet was missing. The same tiling was used for the kitchen backsplash.

The stone-look tiling was also paired with mosaic tiles, similar to those found in vintage Milanese homes, in the bathroom. The two differing mirrors are an interesting feature that add length and the illusion of additional space.

Keeping with the retro vibe, Artemide’s “teti” suspension lamps run along the main hallway.

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Nicola Cutillo

Nato a Foggia nel 1986, Nicola consegue la laurea specialistica in Ingegneria Edile e Architettura presso l’università Federico II di Napoli nel 2013. Abilitato ingegnere, ha lavorato in molti studi di architettura e ingegneria tra Foggia, Napoli e Milano, dove... Leggi tutto

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