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Apartment Renovations

Renovating your home is a physiological process necessary in improving the quality of life. Our homes are part of us, and just like living things, they are subject to structural deterioration and in terms of safety and comfort, aging systems within them.

The latest technological innovations over the past few years have produced surprising developments, offering notable advantages in longevity and spatial functionality, and serving as possible inspiration during even the early stages of renovation. Another factor that plays into human nature is the desire to evolve aesthetically, both as individuals and within our environments, associated with differing ideas of contemporary living.

Last and certainly not least, renovation is an important and sure investment, made even more so by recent incentives and tax breaks, increasing the appeal and value of the current real-estate market.

Services for Renovating Your Home

If you are looking to renovate your apartment, we believe you should trust the job to a company that not only guarantees a professional, serious, and dependable approach, but is capable of giving you suggestions when it comes to useful indications and practical ideas, guiding you through the renovation process, from the general design to the definition of every single detail to be executed.

Italian company Facile Ristrutturare is a leader in the renovation field, offering you a wide range of support, making the complicated process, where varying professionals and suppliers need to be managed logistically within a timeline, an educational and pleasurable experience.

One of our designers will be there to explain the different levels of the project, giving suggestions throughout the process, offering you technical and logistical assistance and handling administrative paperwork while our team of certified and specialized professionals and workers complete the renovation.

Your apartment renovation includes:

  • Clearing the property
  • Delivery and disposal of all materials for the entire duration of the renovation
  • Demolition, removal and reconstruction of walls, suspended ceilings, plaster, slabs, flooring, baseboards and coverings
  • Installation of new systems (plumbing, electric, gas, heating and air conditioning, home automation and radiant floors
  • Sanding and painting of walls and ceilings
  • Installation of doors, sanitary, lighting, boilers, and heating/air conditioning fixtures.

…and all of this begins with a free site visit and estimate, no strings attached. We take on every construction project with a professional approach, selecting quality materials, competitive prices and specialized personnel. Our company guarantees their work 100%, accompanied by the additional insurance of an invoice, as well as the necessary legal certification required by local legislation.

Facile Ristrutturare will guide you through the variables that govern a renovation through a team of designers, architects and professionals, from the design to the choice of flooring, electrical system and color palette, to administrative paperwork and site management, furnishing selection and your return to your property. Facile Ristrutturare begins with a preliminary analysis of your space, providing you with design, architectural, and furnishing solutions following a set time-table from start to finish.

Renovation Time-table and Costs

We plan the start-date and end-date with you, helping you manage your timing, the construction site and workers with best work.output possible.

How much? That’s easy!

Renovations start at 249€ per sq. m. (free site visit and estimate)

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