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Bathroom Renovation

The new canons of beauty, hygiene, and comfort have left their mark on domestic bathroom innovations; today bathrooms are increasingly more important in interior design, becoming personal spaces that evoke wellbeing. Modern trends are a dichotomy; properties gain value with large, luminous, and well-serviced bathrooms, and yet, in contemporary homes, especially metropolitan ones, reducing larger bathrooms or other spaces in order to create additional baths is more often that not, necessary.

Our offer

If you want to renovate your bathroom, or create others in your home, office or business, Italian renovation leader Facile Ristrutturare will meet your needs professionally, using quality materials and specialized personnel while maintaining competitive prices.

Bathroom renovations require expert selection of functional fixtures and furnishing, while respecting spatial distribution. Our team of professional designers and architects suggest solutions that fit your property, ensuring welcoming and up-to-date interior design.

An architect will work with you to define the project’s parameters, and accompany you through the construction process with our experienced team of workers.

Bathroom Renovations include

  • Protection of all areas around the kitchen under construction, using either nylon tarps or cardboard
  • Partial or full electrical and plumbing disconnection in bathroom
  • Removal of existing appliances, fixtures and waste
  • Plumbing reconstruction
  • Electric reconstruction
  • Labor
  • Flooring and surface installation
  • Plumbing and fixture installment and hook-up
  • Preparation, stucco and painting
  • Drainage and consequent material removal
  • Final cleaning

…all starting with a free site visit and estimate.

Time and Costs

You are 7 working days away from a new bathroom.

Seeing as your bathroom is one of the most important spaces in your home, we do our best to finish your renovation as quickly as possible. Before beginning construction, it is essential to plan deliveries and spatial distribution so there are no surprises! Our designer or architect will help you make aesthetic and practical decisions, planning the start and finish dates of the project in order to facilitate and speed-up the renovation process.

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