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Commercial Renovations

Restyling or renovating your business, whether it be a bar, restaurant or shop, is often connected to an investment that looks to attract more clientele using a look that adds comfort, functionality and productivity. Other reasons center around issues of maintenance and update. In any case, you need experienced professionals. Commercial renovations require complex organization, solid deadlines and flawless collaboration between personnel, especially when working within a business that cannot afford to shut their doors during construction. Mixing clientele and construction sites that shift from space to space can be tricky business.

Our offer

Our goal is to use your available space to the best of our ability, keeping architectural canons in mind while exploring modern interior design and marketing principles and meeting your business needs. To complete our services, we offer you general help in organizing, managing and overseeing the construction site, as well as financial consultancy concerning your property’s renovation.

Leading Italian renovator Facile Ristrutturare gives you the support you need to transform the complicated process, filled with varying professionals and suppliers to be both logistically and temporally managed, as easy as possible!

Facile Ristrutturare’s team of designers and architects will help you navigate the myriad solutions for your business, from project design to the choice of flooring, electrical systems, color palette, to the administrative paperwork required by management, furnishing, and registration at the close of the project. Facile Ristrutturare starts by providing you an in-depth analysis of your property, providing you with design, furnishing, and architectural solutions a priori, as well as a timetable of each job-phase.

Your dedicated designer will help define the different phases of the renovation, and continue to provide suggestions throughout the construction period, including:

  • systems appropriate for public use, i.e. ventilation, air conditioning and extraction
  • interior design concepts that attract and persuade new clientele, including dynamic lowered ceilings, decorative details, imaginative flooring and surface finishes, and interesting lighting
  • Ad hoc luxury furnishing and accessories, or standard selection pieces appropriate for the interior

…all of this starts with a free site visit and estimate!

Time and Costs

Furnishing is not the only element that influences the renovation price; ventilation and air conditioning, electrical wiring and finishes suited for public spaces, and sound proofing and/or materials that maintain a higher level of cleanliness, are all elements to consider when gauging the price of a project.

If you are considering updating or renovating your business, or bringing more attractive style to your office or shop, contact us for a free estimate. You can count on our professional, experienced partners to provide you with dedicated design, construction and furnishing knowledge. We will help you lay out start and end dates, helping you organize your time with the help of our expertise and trustworthy suppliers, ensuring optimal results in optimal turnaround!

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