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Electrical Systems

Electrical systems and wiring that are up to code are essential for function, safety and comfort. Despite the fact that technology has exploded in the last 15 years, avantgarde innovations are used in buildings dating back to the 20th century. Structural incompatibility reigns, creating difficult, albeit dangerous, conditions for inhabitants.

Current criterium for planning, installation and testing of domestic electrical circuits are governed by strict laws that when followed, guarantee high performance levels. The CEI 64-8/3 legislation, in effect since September 2011, states that “electrical installations cannot exceed 1000v alternating current and 1500v direct current”. The latest version introduced important innovations in performance, sustainability and comfort, ensuring increased allocation based on a home’s spatial distribution, dividing systems into three performance-based levels:

  • Level One: Base: use of the system’s minimal allocations
  • Level Two: Standard: a safer, more accessible and comfortable level
  • Level Three: Automated: for those who choose optimum standards.

During installation, our technician can certify your system’s quality and performance level, bringing added value to your property.

Some of the requirements are:

  • Based on the property’s surface space, there must be at least 3kW per living unit 75 sq. m.; larger spaces require at least 6kW, as well as a project signed by a certified technician to approve the increased wattage.
  • The mandatory electric panel must be equipped with a 25 amp master switch for 3kW, or 32 amps for 6kW. A 15% increase of modules must accompany installed modules, resulting in at least 2 free modules.
  • Wires must be detachable and isolated wires labeled with the colors required by the CEI-UNEL 00722 normative
  • The home’s circuits must be divided into at least two separate boards.
  • All wiring must be clamped within inspectable boxes, with entry/exit clamps per terminal socket available to max two boxes.
  • Every location must have the minimum equipment required as per the CEI 64-8/3 normative’s Att. A.

Our offer: Renovating your Electrical System

Facile Ristrutturare is qualified and authorized to install, transform, amplify and maintain your electrical systems (television and media included) respecting the D.M. 37/2008 normative.

More specifically:

  • Full Electric Systems
  • Television Systems (including satellite)
  • Closed-circuit Television
  • Intercom and Video-Intercom Systems
  • Gate Automation
  • Shutter Automation
  • Anti-theft Systems

We are here to offer you the system you need, and guide you through the planning, installation and maintenance of your selected electric system.

What are the costs?

Installation or modification of the above mentioned systems, as well as bypassing sockets and Siemens, flame retardant distribution pipes, wiring with PVC-based BTICINO or VIMAR, excluding electric panel/framework: 50,00 €/ light points.

A light point includes:

  • Every 503 (with or without caps)
  • Every corrugated wall outlet (light or sconce)
  • Every junction box
  • Every digital or satellite tv outlet
  • Every telephone or LAN outlet
  • Every Intercom connection point
  • Every Emergency Light

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