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Heated Flooring

Out of all modern heating solutions, heated flooring is a favorite when building new homes or renovating current ones, seeing as it presents significant savings and can be connected to alternative forms of energy. This system spreads heating throughout the home using radiation, maintaining a constant, even temperature for optimal comfort. In fact, the uniform distribution of warmth in a space evokes wellbeing, is more sustainable, creates endless space for furnishing, and ensures healthy, clean areas.

There are varying thermal flooring solutions available, and all can be used with extraordinary results in new and existing residential and commercial construction. The heating cables are made from heat and crack resistant materials, uniformly installed under the flooring, immersed in the mortar bed. The heating system is invisible, preserving your home’s aesthetic and leaving plenty of space for furnishing choices. Heat is radiated through air that flows from the bottom to the top of the room, avoiding drafts and dust and creating even and comfortable conditions.

Compared to other traditional methods, heated flooring, when used 24 hours a day, presents lower costs thanks to a low temperature system; the heat cables function with 30-40 °C, as opposed to other methods that use 60-75 °C. Heated flooring has been proven to save 30% more on energy expenses than traditional methods. This system eliminates two other downsides as well: dust combustion into the space, which causes lung and throat irritation, and dust circulation, that provokes respiratory allergies. Another plus is added ease in maintaining cleanliness. Humidity, and therefore bacterial mold, cannot form on the floor surface or surrounding walls.

Our Offer

Facile Ristrutturare is licensed and qualified to install, transform, amplify and maintain heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems (under the legislation D.M. 37/2008), and offers you quick, effective and professional service.

Working with us is working with a serious company; we are here to offer you the system you need, and guide you through planning, installation and maintenance of heated flooring.

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