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Home Automation

Home automation, also known as domotics, is the study and development of technology that improves home living, relieving residents of the daily chores that tend to take up a good amount of time.

Automative technology is designed to save energy and increase system security. When planning for an automative system, it is essential to consider all necessary system connections. This sort of technology makes for an intelligent home where owners can guide every element, from electricity to connectivity, air conditioning, and workload priorities, etc.

One example of automation is the alarm function: once activated, all lights turn off, shutters lower, the heating goes down to an even temperature, the presence simulators are activated, and all media is disconnected.

Home automation is tranquility, safety, savings and sustainability.

Domotics increase home security while reducing energy waste and maximizing energy use, connecting and facilitating the inhabitants daily activities through a single automated system that optimizes and controls them. Opening doors and windows, and turning on lights, air conditioning, and appliances are all part of the tasks delegated to home automation.

Domotics will send you a text message concerning your home’s temperature, which you can raise or lower even when you are out, or even turn off all the lights with one command.

Home automation helps you save time, achieve optimal comfort, increase security and conserve energy. The system can manage appliance start times, ensuring that the energy limits throughout the day are never violated, and receive “orders” from a distance, turning on and off lights and other home functions.

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Bringing automation to your electrical system requires the presence of a “smart” element. A domotic interface integrates and communicates with your home’s systems: your lighting will be connected to your air conditioning, and your security system.

The integrated system allows you to program scenarios that activate multiple functions with a single command using a button, remote control, text message, or via internet. Timers can be set to activate functions. Scenarios can be set to take place while you are out or at work, including constant temperatures, and then set for your return, like lighting or air conditioning.

Domotics facilitate daily activities and therefore, your life, helping you manage every system in your home, and helping you save energy as well.

Facile Ristrutturare is qualified and authorized to install home automation systems, offering you quick, effective and professional service. We will provide you with home automation for your interior, guiding you through planning, installation, and maintenance of your domotics system.

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