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Indoor Plumbing

Your home’s adduction and warm/cold water distribution works thanks to a canalized system of tubing, generally providing three functions:

  • Adduction of warm and cold water from an aqueduct or storage tank
  • Fluid distribution via a tubing system
  • Drainage of dirty water into local sewage storage

Plumbing generally includes:

  • A water meter: residential properties receive their water through external supply pipes. The meter, located inside or outside of the home, measures the liquid volume that passes through it. If located externally, a shut-off valve must be placed inside in an accessible place.
  • Indoor system: from the meter, water is distributed throughout the system’s internal tubing, which can be externally placed, or within the property’s walls, and therefore, hidden. Plumbing is normally hidden within the walls, respecting the UNI 9182 normative, that regulates the principal installation of taps, fittings and joints connected to the water meter.
  • User appliances: faucets are the final part of plumbing systems, receiving water flow from the tubing. They can be installed in the wall, or connected to a sink, and most have thermostatic mixing valves that allow for consistent temperature flow. Toilets use a large quantity of water in little time with a lot of pressure (10-15 liters) per flush; for aesthetic reasons, tanks are often concealed in the wall. Water drainage flows into acid-resistant plastic pipes. Before reaching the horizontal and then vertical tubes (riser), it passes through the syphon, a U or T shaped tube where clean water remains, blocking mephitic air created by the drainage.
  • Drainage: Water waste systems are a series of tubes that carry drainage outside the building after using the sink, bathtub, shower, toilet, kitchen, etc. A distinction is made between black (wc), grey (sinks, laundry, bidet) and fatty (kitchen).

To better understand how important plumbing is, look at a typical case of one person with average livings habits: they consume 200 liters of water, of which 130 for personal hygiene (sinks, wc, bidet, shower, and bathtub) and 70 for domestic use (other sinks, washing machine, etc.).

Our offer

Facile Ristrutturare is licensed and qualified to install, transform, amplify and maintain plumbing and drainage systems (under the legislation D.M. 37/2008), and offers you quick, effective and professional service. Working with us is working with a serious company; we are here to offer you the system you need, and guide you through planning, installation and maintenance of plumbing systems.


The creation of sanitary water systems in bathrooms and kitchens, including supply pipe installation (fixed multilevel and/or welded PVC) and respective drainage devices (Gerberit flush valves/plates/filters will be used, costs excluded from our estimate), sized and insulated, including all special accessories and shut-off valves for each room:

  • 280 euros/water point

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