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The least expensive and most efficient way to freshen up you home is with a new coat of paint on your walls and ceilings. A small investment and short amount of time is all it takes to reach unexpected, extraordinary results: color and texture choices are essential, and should be established based on the space’s architectural features and furnishing.

A new coat of paint updates your interior’s decor, protecting its surfaces and creating a clean, welcoming touch. In the end, paint helps eliminate the effects of humidity that all too often deteriorate a space’s surfaces.

Navigating the current market’s selection of painting techniques can be overwhelming. The universal all-white style, established by the founders of modern architecture, is often a first choice that unfortunately leaves little room for colors outside grey or beige. With a little expertise and the right intuition, one can dare the latest in winning color combinations.

Our Services

Painting is one of our basic services, yet it is a strong representation of our skills and experience when it comes to the final steps of renovation. We provide our clients ad-hoc services for any size space, completing the job in the shortest time possible while ensuring maximum cleanliness and even, long-lasting results.

If you want to freshen up the paint in your apartment, office or commercial space, Facile Ristrutturare will help you choose the right color palette and techniques, and provide you with an experienced team of design professionals and qualified, specialized painters.


Painting (wall/ceiling) includes an isolating base coat and two coats of washable paint:

  • White, starting at 7.00€ per sq. m.
  • Light colors, starting at 9.50€ per sq. m.
  • Dark colors, uniform saturation, starting at 16.50€ per sq. m.

Contact us to learn about a special discount just for you!

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