Virtual Reality

Experience your dream home before you renovate!

Bring the dream home you have always imagined to life using Facile Ristrutturare’s all-immersive, personalized virtual reality.

This revolutionary approach has innovated traditional design methods, cutting down on rendering time and bringing together two often conflicting voices; that of the client’s selected designer, responsible for the renovation or decoration, and that of the architect. Two completely different worlds connected by the same end goal: restyling the interior and creating design that fits the clients needs and requests.

After having laid out the existing blueprint, or created one from scratch using the software, the client and designer can explore a 3D rendering of the project together, side by side.

Every detail can be personalized simultaneously, including the materials used, finishes and furnishings.
Change wall colors, add a table, sofa, windows or lighting. Planning today what will become reality tomorrow is as easy as one versatile and efficient click. Living your dream home of tomorrow can happen now, from anywhere, using any platform.

Download a demo of our Custhomeyes Viewer software.


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